100 Envelopes

Posted on September 12, 2015 and tagged Sketchbook, Painting

I'm starting a 100 days project! I've really been wanting to do this for a long time now but I haven't been able to figure out what that works for me. For this to be something I can actually do every day, I needed:

  • something quick that's easy to do
  • something I'm able to expand on if I have more time one day
  • in my favourite medium - paint!
  • on a material that's inexpensive so I don't worry about wasting it

The problem is, finding a material that's durable enough for layers of paint and cheap is pretty much impossible. I thought about buying little tiny canvas boards for about 50 cents each, but that still seemed like a lot. Then I remembered I have this big box of cardboard envelopes in my closet that have been there for yeeeaars! I bought them in bluk when I sold stationery on Etsy but never really used many of them since my wedding invites were the big sellers. I tried selling the envelopes a couple times, but nobody wanted them!

So I went out a bought a big jug of gesso for about $5 and started covering the front of the envelopes. Turns out they handle paint like a champ! I don't feel like I'm wasting them since I was thinking about throwing them away anyways, so it works out perfectly. The envelopes are about 7 x 10 inches so they're a great size to work with - not too big and not too small.

That was a bit of a rambling story just to say that I'm going to be painting 100 envelopes in 100 days. I have no idea what I'm going to do with the envelopes when I'm done though. Maybe cover a wall with them...or send 100 letters!

There's my first one! The drippy paint didn't work out quite like I expected, but I have 99 more days to get it right. Follow me on Instgram to see updates on this project.