Babies are Hard Work!

Posted on December 2, 2016 and tagged Sketchbook

Things that are hard to do when you have a newborn baby:

  • sleep
  • shower
  • clean
  • think
  • make art
  • blog

It has officially been over 6 months since my last blog post! On July 24th we welcomed our little baby boy into the world after 28 hours of labour. Yes you read that correctly. 28 hours. Who wants to hear the birth story? Anyone? Haha! This might not be the kind of blog for that.

Since then my days have been full keeping up with this energetic and curious little guy. He is really an amazing baby and it's been fun watching him grow. But unfortunately taking care of a 4 month old doesn't leave me with much time for art. Now that he's past the tiny, needy newborn stage I've been trying to squeeze in some sketchbook time when I get a few spare minutes.

My sketchbook pages have changed dramatically since having a baby. If you go to my Instagram profile you can actually see a clear line between my "old" style and what I've been doing lately. I don't really have time to bring out all my paints, make a big mess and then clean it up again. So I've been sticking with a big mixed media sketchbook and just a few coloured pens. Sometimes I just bust out my trusty number 1 Micron and that's it! The results have been fun to see. It's all about simple shapes, flowers and lots of repetition. I kinda like it and I'm excited to see where this new style takes me. Below are some photos of my sketchbook lately.