Feeling Tropical iPhone Wallpaper

Posted on June 4, 2015 and tagged Freebies

I did a huge amount of gardening yesterday and planted some really pretty flowers that I'm just in love with. (Crossing my fingers I don't kill them!) I'm still in that phase of spring/summer where I love being out in the garden and I'm not sick of pulling weeds at all! By mid August I'll be ready for fall but for now I'm obessesed with plants and flowers and it's all I can draw.

The other day I posted a little tropical pattern on Instagram that I painted and I thought that it would make a really cute phone wallpaper. So here it is for a free download! I know my last post was ages ago and it was also a phone wallpaper but I really mean to start posting here with more regularity and if you've held on as a reader this long you deserve a treat! :)

So go ahead and download it below! It's big enough that it should work for most sizes of phone and also tablets.

Download it Here: Phone Wallpaper