How to Draw a Floral Wreath

Posted on May 26, 2016 and tagged Tutorials, Sketchbook

A cute, hand-drawn floral wreath has so many uses! A frame for calligraphy or a quote, a starting point for a beautiful card or invitation, or just some fun drawing practice in your sketchbook. Drawing these little wreaths are a lot of fun and easier than you might think. And it can easily be changed up for a different look every time.

  • Start by very lightly drawing a circle on the page with your pencil. If you're not great at drawing a circle, you can trace something round. But it really doesn't need to be perfect!

  • Once you have your circle drawn, use it as a basis for drawing a swirl. Make the swirl a bit darker so you can distinguish it from the original circle. I went around the circle 3 times here. You just drew a vine!

  • Now add some simple shapes your vine. I did some basic leaves, a little flower and a berry. Choose as many shapes as you want or keep it really simple. Here's the important part: Make sure all your flowers and leaves are going in the same direction. Mine all go in a clockwise direction here. Rotating the paper as you draw will help.

  • Continue by filling in the vine with more flowers and leaves. I like to place mine randomly as I go instead of working in a circle. Also, make sure your flowers and leaves overlap the vine in some places.

  • Take a fine-tipped pen (I used a Micron) and trace over only the leaves and flowers. Leave the vine for now.

  • Once all the flowers and leaves have been inked, move on to the vine. The reason we left this until the end is because some of your shapes will overlap the vine. I find it easier to draw the vine after the shapes have been inked so I don't draw over a flower by accident.

  • Take your favourite markers, coloured pencils, or paints and colour in your beautiful vine! Remember you can switch up the leaves and flowers to make it different every time. Try a holiday themed wreath or keep it really simple and stick with one shape (like the leafy wreath below).