My View: Week 1

Posted on June 23, 2014

I'm really excited to bring back this series! I did something called "The View from my Phone" on my old blog where I posted weekly photos taken with my phone. For some reason I only took 6 photos per week instead of 7 which always sort of bothered me. If I had taken just one more photo each week, I would have had 365 at the end of the year. And I always thought the name was a bit long too.

So here's "My View" complete with 1 photo for every day of the week! I really love capturing everyday scenes with my phone. You should follow me on Instagram if you like that sort of thing too! I'm really late to the party with Instagram. But FYI, I take most of my pictures lately with VSCOcam. It's an amazing app.

  1. I was visiting my dad and step-dad at the cemetary for Father's Day and this adorable bunny came right up behind me and let me get within a couple feet. It really made me smile.
  2. My pretty boy Marshall doing what he does best.
  3. Some of the first few strawberries from my mom's strawberry patch. They were so yummy! Home grown strawberries really can't compare to store bought.
  4. I'm slowing bringing my violet back to life. It has a bunch of little buds on it right now, so in a few weeks I bet it'll look really pretty.
  5. Got a little impatient in the garden this week and couldn't wait to see my carrots. They're not ready.
  6. We've been having amazing weather and I snapped this picture of the sky while out for a walk.
  7. My pansies looking healthy after a good rain. Can you tell I'm really into gardening lately?