My View: Week 2

Posted on July 10, 2014

Yep, 2nd week in and I'm already behind! I kind of expected this. But that's the good part about year long projects, I have plenty of time to catch up!

  1. Little baby green peppers in my garden! I actually picked one yesterday and ate it. It was so good!
  2. My favourite snack: Garlic and onion bagel with Daiya cream cheese.
  3. Got dressed up for a bridal shower so I decided to snap a couple pics.
  4. A rare selfie! But I was wearing a dress and did my hair and makeup. I had to document that!
  5. Kitty feet are the best.
  6. A perfect pineapple. It was delicious too.
  7. I've been painting up a storm lately with watercolour and acrylic.