Starting Fresh

Posted on March 9, 2014

So I guess I should welcome to my new blog and thank you for checking it out. I'm really excited to have a space to dedicate completely to my love of art, pattern and colour. I wanted to start this blog off by telling you a bit about my blogging history and how I ended up here.

I had been blogging for about 3 years over on Mr. Handsomeface. That blog started out as a way to promote my Etsy shop and feature other Etsy sellers. The posts were all pretty boring and amatuer looking, but I learned a ton about blogging during that period. Then Pinterest came along and DIY posts were totally blowing up the internet. I never really thought people would like to learn how I glue stuff to other stuff, but a few of my DIY posts became pretty popular. I had a lot of success of Pinterest and Craft Gawker and totally loved coming up with new ideas and photographing them.

In December of 2012 I took a little break from blogging when my step-dad died. I just wasn't in the mood for playing with glitter and ribbons anymore. Unbelievably, around that same time my dad was diagnosed with cancer and ended up passing away in November 2013 (not even a year after I lost my step-dad). Let's just say 2013 was not a great year for me. A little while ago I started thinking that I really wanted to get back into blogging full force again. It used to get me so excited and I've met some really awesome people through blogging who are now my IRL friends! But every time I tried to come up with a new crafty DIY post, it just felt like... I had done it all before. Every idea that I thought was totally original idea would go in the garbage after a quick google search revealed that a thousand other bloggers had the same idea. I thought about staying with Mr. Handsomeface and just changing focus but I felt like I wanted a fresh space to work with. I had also been playing with the idea of going by my real name instead of a blog name.

And here we are! I had a lot fun designing this new blog and I'm sure I'll change it up again soon because I just can't sit still, but for now I'm super excited to fill this blog up with colourful, beautiful posts!